Is this setup possible?

ok, this is a wierd situation i,ve got here.
first i,m running a family dad wrote the software that handles the stock & financhial stuff, it runs only on win 95 or 98. i believe its derived from basic(dos promt opens when running the prog). well i,d like to take the origional hdd from an old p1 & install into a newer machine. if possibly be able to run a second hdd with win xp so nothing will get changed ect…
so this is kinda a two fold question , can i boot from 2 hdd & have a choice which one to choose( i only want to run one at a time) this is the hardware issue. the sofeware issue is from what i know once you format to win 2000 or xp you loose almost all of your dos?? i dont quite have all the power that you use to?? i rember some of the dos stuff but not like i use to. & to answer before it gets asked my dads passed a few yrs ago so i cant go to the sorce… but i,ve tryed to run his prog in xp & the dos promt just comes up like a blip & dissapears??i,ve rearshed xp & i know that you can alter xp to run older progs & i,ve tryed it & still it just comes & goes like a blip,gone.
hopefully i’ve allways relyed on you peopl;e that are smarter then myself…
i humble myself to all of you & im hopeing ill get a reasonable answer…
thanks in advance :bow: :bow:

Are you sure that you have tried all the XP tricks to make it work?
Make a shortcut to EXE.
Right click shortcut and select Properties.
Go to Compatibility tab.
Select proper Compatibility mode option.


I’m surprised if it ran in 98 that you can’t make it run in XP…but it is quite possible. I might be able to help if the above does not work.


why thanks for the quick responce!! i’m now at my other pc that has xp on it & my dads prog. what you sugested sounded familer but i did’nt want to lie so i tryed it again and nothing!! it just flashes(blinks) then dissapers.anything else???

Have you tried to open a command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd (Enter) ) and navigated to the .EXE and tried to run it from there? At least it will not just flash at that point…

There are LOTS of solutions for this, not least of which is to run a virtual machine with VMWare or Microsoft VirtualPC or whatever. ANY of those solutions would be preferable to either maintaining an old machine or dual-booting. :smiley:

:bow: WHY YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!! i’ve been working on this for the past year or so with no avail.i’m almost there. ok if i load one copy it takes a long time for the prog to load, but if i make 2 folders( one inside the other) then load the exe, the first loads slowwww. but then i go to the second folder and load the same exe then its like,snap!
instantious!! would anyone possibly have an answer for this strange phonomanon??
i mean , ican live with what i,ve got (as long as i dont mess the 2 folders up. stock & day sales & such) but i figured that you all have helped where no one else has so figured that i’d ask for help once more. you all are the greatest!thanks all. :iagree: :bow: :bow:

It’s called “caching”. The second time it’s already in memory. :slight_smile:

I agree. Probably if you try the copy in the inner folder first, it would open up slow…