Is this scan good or bad?

Is this scan good or bad? It was burned on the LG and scanned w/ the Liteon.

Well the quality score (lower bottom right) is “zero”, so I’d say bad. :wink:

lol :slight_smile:

Is there any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

What burn speed did you use? Is the disc really from 2004?

Bad! Very bad! almost 1 million PIF :eek:
Like some of the others, I would like to know how you got
such diabolically bad results with MCC 03RG20.

Is this a Mitsubishi/Verbatim disc or could it be a fake?
Burn speed?
Does the disc look ok?
Are you getting better results with other discs?

Burn speed was most likely = 16x
The Original was made in 2004
The back up was made in 2007
The in not scratched.
Must be the real thing. Bought at Sam’s Club. DVD-R
I will switch to DVD+r soon.
I will do some more scans today, and post them later.

Here’s another scan. This was most likely burned at 16x.

I have the scan speed on 4x because I read somewhere that is the preferred speed.

Burn time always don’t take very long, just the read time. 25 to 35 mins to do a dvd totally.

Here’s another one.

This is the only kind of disc I’ve burn with. (Ver. DVD-R)

That one is just about acceptable. PIE is much higher
than usual for this media.

I would start looking for some different media!

I’d try burning @12x and compare the results to the 16x burn to see if PIE decreases.

On that one, I’d start looking for scratches or scuffs on the disc surface itself. The pattern is too regular to be a manufacturing defect.

It says it was burned on an HP - was this before a crossflash?

HP firmware’s sometimes not terrific.

Yes, your right. Everything was done with HP’s software. I just cross flashed it the other day.

The next big question is… [B]Should I burn w/ the LG or Lite-On?[/B] Right now I have it set up to burn w/ the Lite-on and the LG as the reader.

In the past I had the HP (now LG) as the writer and and reader that I no longer use that came w/ the computer. I don’t know what brand or kind it is.

I know this is a bit confusing, but I’ll try and explain it if you have any further questions. Thanks for the continuing help. :bow:

LG’s are usually very good burners, so why not try a burn with the LG firmware and post the scan? :slight_smile:

Ok I did a little test.

I’ve done a scan on two discs of the same dvd show.
One was burn by LG and the other LiteOn.
Both was burned at 12x to give us a look on how 12x’s looks w/ my burners.
The master was read by the LG on both burns.

I’m trying to see which one I should use to burn in the future. (even thole I’m using dvd-r’s right now I will be using dvd+r’s when I get my next batch of dvd’s)

Here’s some more info for y’all to make a choice between the two burners.

Both DVD copies were played in a dvd player. I went to the last chapter on the last show…

[B]The Lite-On one froze in the last chapter and the LG didn’t.[/B]

Do you think I need to do further test or what?
Also, when I switch over to the DVD+R, do you think that will matter in this choice of which burner to use?

On anther note, on the freeze my dvd player just sits there for a sec then goes back to the episode munu. Are there players out there that will jump a few seconds ahead to find something playable vs. having to skip a whole chapter ahead? If so, what model are they? Thanks :slight_smile:


Getting a new DVD standalone is not really a good long time answer to this problem :disagree: The issue is with the media & possibly the DVD writers you have. A DVD standalone which will play problematic discs without issues is just ignoring the problem, rather than a good solution to it. Try some other media with your writers to see if that helps solve this as your scans would indicate that either the media is sub-optimal or your writers are.

All of your scans have one way or another problem, you would see this during playback, and that is the result of mostly bad media and in rare case dying drive.

Here’s another scan of the same DVD. Burned at 12x and scanned on nero speed at 4x (That’s the standard to scan it, right?). It was burned with the LG writer, and was different media. I used a DVD+R. I just have a few of these kind of discs. In the future I’m going to get the Verbatim DVD+R. I heard they were good.

Could I be doing something wrong when using the software? I use any dvd and clonedvd2.

Please teach me about the scans? Which is the worst kind of error? What’s the average quality number?