Is this scan any good?

This is one of the best scans I have seen of my dvd’s. since I started testing then last week. It was burned at 4x some of the movies skip sometimes when burned at 8 or are not playable in a few months. Just wondeing what I can do other than get better midia to improve them. I bought some TAIYO YUDEN DVD-R 16X 4.7GB 50DISC SPINDLE from does anyone know if they are good for my LG GSA-4163B A105 and my BQ DW-1620 B7W9

Yes the Taiyo Yuden should do MUCH better!
Post a scan from a TYG03 disc. :slight_smile:

How do your FUJIFILM03 burn at 8x? Any particular reason you’re burning at 4x? Also, the standard Benq scanning speed is 8x (not 4x). Good luck with those 16x TY’s, and I hope you’re not planning to burn those at 4x!! :slight_smile:

lol I am planing to burn the TY’s at 16x (Waiting for them to arrive in the mail). If I burn the Fujifilm03 at 8x the quality goes way way down. The PIE goes up to 270 or higher and the PIF go up a bit but way more in the total.I should try some more scans at 8 with the Benq and see what the difference is.

This is a bad scan for a taiyo yuden - You are borderline within specs for PIE and ok for PIF with occasional max beyond 4… I am concerned about the HIGH total for PIE and PIFs… For media of that type you should have < 100,000 total PIE… you have over 2 million. On average a good TY scan is below 20 PIE max, and most of the time in the single digit figures.

I get much much better scans on my RITEKs than your scan.

Can you post the serial number on the hub and near the dye ?

Some will argue that this scan is within specs - yes, but it is not a scan from a quality media… :slight_smile:

It’s FUJIFILM 03 ( NOT TY media ) - ie. Fuji’s own MID. The brand “FUJI” doesn’t necessarily equate to quality - ie. that is, if it’s TY quality you’re looking for. Many other (aside from TY) different MID’s are used under the Fuji brand name. Always be aware of where it’s made. For DVD-R Fuji’s, FUJIFILM 03 = Taiwan … while obviously, TYG02 = Japan.

PIF max … it’s a Benq 1620, so the PIF max limit to be concerned at is more towards 16 … not 4, which would equate to a 97 QS if I’m not mistaken!!

That is highly disappointing for FUJIFILM03, they do a LOT better than that in some drives, though not a great media for Liteons.