Is this scan any good?



I just got a BenQ 1620 Pro and using verbatim 8x -r media at 8x I got the following scan from it. Is it any good? If it isn’t, why not? I haven’t changed any firmware or anything else. Should I?



Not good. The 19 max PIF was maybe caused by physical defects on the disk. Too high for MCC 8x at 8x. Not good for MCC I mean.


Not bad apart from single pif of 20 which is probably a media problem (scratch or dye prob.) Try another disk and it will probably burn ok, but it is the single pif spike which has reduced your quality score to 82. Disk should play ok but normal qs from Benqs is usually in the 90’s. I get better results on MCC with latest firmware which is B7V9. I think in this instance, you were just unlucky with that particular disk. Hopefully, the others in that batch, will be better.


It may be worth it to test out B7U9 and B7V9 firmwares @ 8x to compare to your B7T9 scan. I would think your PIF’s may drop below the 16 barrier and maybe get your quality score into the 90’s. Just a guess … so, up to you. :slight_smile:

crossg put up a 6/4/05 scan of disc created @ 12x & B7V9 firmware. His max’s were 190 PIE / 6 PIF. Total’s @ 174,994 PIE / 182 PIF. QS of 97.


Hm. Looking at it again, that was not a disc burned using Create Data Disc function. Burn quality could vary a little if you burning from different sources on HDDs. For tests, use Create Data Disc and set read speed to 8x in quality scan.


Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

I did this one using the same file but I used my NEC 2500 and burnt it at 6x instead. I know looking at the QS score its better but is it pot luck that it was better, mainly because the disk I used could have had a small scratch or something similar?
I will try changing the firmware as well. Is this any specific software to use to change the firmware so I can back the old one up at the same time?

Kenshin: Do you mean I should just fill a blank dvd up with various data from my hard drive and scan that?

Thanks :slight_smile:


You should not scan at MAX you should be using 8X for BenQ drives. This could be part of your problem.


For 1620, max is 8X. Speed higher than 8X can only be achieved by selecting them specifically from the drop down menu.

Now about that scan, it looks like you got another big PIF spike at about the same position. Bad batch perhaps?


I wondered about that as I saw the read speed was just over 8X. Is this also true if the speedpatch is enabled.


Yes, even with or without applying speedpatch to the firmware, one can select scan speed up to 16x in the drop down menu. You can try with your 3520 but I’m sure Eric set it differently since I see it can do 5x scan speed (BenQ options: 4, 6, 8, 12, 16x, Maximum.)


Yes on the 3520A Scan options you can select 1, 5, 8, 12, 16 and Maximum speeds.

@ME$$ENGER. FYI. When I scan with my 3520A and then go to scan on the BenQ I have to manually set my scan speed back to 8x because for some reason it sets it’s self to Maximum after the NEC scan even when I restart CD-DVD Speed.


Are you refering to the menu in Nero’s CD/DVD Speed? I tried to overburn an 8x and it wouldn’t let me. I believe I looked at transfer rate speed and overburn and set one of them at 12x but it would only burn at 8x.


I have now put the B7V9 firmware on and burnt another dvd from the same batch and got a better QS score. Is this what I should be aiming for on future burns?


I think so. :iagree:

Oh, and I meant using “Create Data Disc” feature in CD Speed 3.80. It burns the disc actually just to test if the disc + drive works. If you are new to it, try DVD+RW media first.


Try a burn @8X with WOPC off. It helps with my MCC003.

Max PIF was 15 with WOPC on, and max PIF goes 6 with WOPC disabled.


Thanks Kenshin :slight_smile:

Hopefully future burns will be as good or better :smiley:

I don’t have any RW media but might get some to try out the test. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Edit: How do I change WOPC on/off? Thanks for your reply ItalianJob


here mate:


Or with Qsuite 1.0 from

The WOPC setting will be reset to “enabled” after the next Windows boot.


Thanks biggy7 and ItalianJob :slight_smile:


Ive just done this one using verbatim 16x dvd-r media. It was burnt at 12x with wopc enabled.
Even though I got a QS of 97% do I have too many PIE’s? Should I burn slower or try at 16x? Also my jitter went to a max of 16.2%, which is too high? and the jitter line on the graph dropped 4 times?