Is this ripping speed expected

Before i get the what for let me tell you i have searched. i found out that even with riplock off the speed won’t be but 7x. i have a celeron 1.10ghz with via chipset and around 316mb ram (256 + 64). i just got my drive off newegg yesterday. i test ripped a disc and the results were .99x on a region protected disc. now woth the riplock removed it goes to about 3.5x on the same region protected dvd. i have tried others and they stay at the same rate. is .99x the norm for stock drives. the dvd-rw drive is in dma mode 2 which i think is fine for it. it isn’t really a problem because i didn’t buy the drive for this prupose i am juist asking because my friend just purchased a sony dw-26a whick is just a liteon rebadge. his rate was 7x and after i used omnipatch on his firmware he can now get around 12-14x on region protected movies. so i thought my drive would be around the same speed. great job on the firmware, i mainly put it on for the dvd+r bitsetting change

You should perhabs let us know which drive you own :stuck_out_tongue:


oh crap im sorry i was writing this at 4 in the mroing, i own a 3520a with the 2.u1 fw

what speeds do you\ guyts get and what speeds on stock firmware

With RipLock removed you can expect:

  • up to 7x max., 5x avg. on double layer pressed DVD (DVD9)
  • up to 12x max., 8x avg. on single layer pressed DVD (DVD5)


i have some dvd+rs that are ty’s and when i run cd speed i get a average of 8x on them