Is this RIAA college crackdown helping its cause?

I just posted the article Is this RIAA college crackdown helping its cause?.

From the time the RIAA started its lawsuit campaign, it has filed over 26,000 lawsuits, many of which have been targeted at students. Since February, 3,700 college students have received…

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Isn’t the USA the country of all possibilities ? sarcasm

RIAA, Please come out and just admit where you really stand: Anti-education (unless it’s educating people about the dangers of piracy – danger being “We’re gonna sue your ass into oblivion!”) Pro-fast food (because that’s where everyone’s going to wind up working when you’re through with them)

It’s just mystifying really…isn’t it? I can’t say I’m totally suprised by the in-your-face, I’m-going-to-bully-you-because-I-can attitude, because too many people in positions of power from small-time managers in small companies to those in larger companies share the same attitude. Let’s face it: the new golden rule is this: he who has the gold (or power) makes the rules.

The RIAA has a lot in common with the MAFIA. Maybe they should join forces ? MAFIAA sounds good.