Is this recently bought Teon 8X -R (CMC AE01) at Staples scan okay?



What is your opinion on this scan?

The PIF looks fine, but PI is kind of high starts at around 60 then gradually lowers to around 4 or 5 toward the end. Does it mean it burns better at the end? Very strange!


Oops, forgot to attach the file.


re-scan @ 4X and post. 4X scans is the standard here.


Here is the 4X scan, it doesn’t seem to make any difference.


Both are better than average scans.


A perfectly good burn. Low PIF numbers show that there are few large-scale (millimeters-long) error burts.

There are a couple of spots around 3.8 GB that might be noteceable as very small darker dots or narrow shaded areas on the recording surface. If you want to try spotting them, look at the purple recording surface under a bright halogen light source, from an angle at which the dye appears to be of the lightest shade. Rotate the disc, and look for small dark spots about 4.5-5 mm from the edge.

Elevated PIE numbers in the first half of the disc indicate the presence of shorter error burts (but nothing that would overwhelm the inner Reed-Solomon code’s correcting capability). They could be caused by slightly incorrect laser power applied in the 4x and 6x zones, or slightly uneven radial dye density.
That would be my theory, based on the scan I see.

Either way, a good burn, and definitely nothing to worry about.


just a comment i noticed that if you lower down the speed on 4x you’ve got lot of PIF which is unusual. In my opinion if you lower down the reading speed then drive can compensate all errors (e.g. bad writing quality, disc physical defects etc.) compared to max speed settings. It indicate that appearance of pits and lands is not quite good due to probably incorrect laser power (high) or even caused by scratches on the disc surface. In general PIF should be “0” otherwise there something went wrong during error correction.

Reviewing your PI result it seems that your drive used 3 different writing strategy namely 4x ws, 6x ws and 8x ws that was clearly shown in your result (varying graphs and sudden increased on PIF telling that you enter in new zone). It means that your drive is optimized on 8x writing strategy (end of the graph where 8x zone located) resulting PI less than 10. In this case you don’t have to worry about PI but iam very much worry is your PIF result this should be “0”. Can you repeate your test and make sure your disc is out of any scratches and other defects on recording area.


You are confusing PIF with POF I think. Kprobe does not report POF. There’s no such thing as a disc with “0” PIF. The posted scan has a relatively low PIF level, and is an excellent scan.


ok thanks for the reminder…i confused with PIF and POF i though it was Bler C2 (final stage of decoder) but a first stage of correction instead. I mixing it up in my mind lot of reading materials used different terms in defining error. I am using other definition in defining Block error rate. Anyway the conclusion is a good quality of writing indeed.


Thank you all. I guess I’ll go pick up some more.