Is this PSU up to the task?

I Bought an Enermax Noisetaker IIto go along with my new build and am a little worried that 600W is not enough to take my vid card and CPU under load, Not loaded my 12v shows 12.09 V and when loaded with Orthos 12v shows 12.04v. I don’t believe Orthos is tasking my vid card and when running 3DMark 06 it up and restarts during the Firefly portion of the B/M leading me to believe the PSU is being dragged down below 12v, This is with a very substansial OC (all other settings are set well above the required minimum voltages I.E. Vcore and MCH but I can’t monitor the voltages while running the bench mark. See my sig for specs. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Hey if I have to spend more money for a better PSU what the H3ll. Enermax has been good to me through the years but it may be time to change.:sad:

If the “Enermax Noisetaker II” really outputs 600W you’ll be fine…
Your issues are most likely caused by OCing, it works fine if you dont OC I assume?

are you sure it’s not your o/c causing problems?

Yes it runs fine at stock speed but thats not why I built this. It will run Orthos stable for hours with the CPU O/Cd but when running the BenchMark I have no way of knowing what the voltages are. That’s why I am wondering if my Vid card is getting enough voltage with everything overclocked and stressed. Like I mentioned it passes the CPU benches fine and restarts on the firefly portion which is a GFX test I think. Here are the power requirements for my vid card. Of course overclocking the Vid card sucks more power.

A 450W PCI Express-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 30A or more*

  • One 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector
  • Two 4-pin Molex power connectors.

Guess I need some type of program that will keep a log of voltages while running the tests.

I know Enermax is one of top brand of PSU maker I have had it in the past and is top performer.

Like MBM5 or Speedfan
Actually I think you’re overclocking a bit too much…
I belive you can monitor voltage on recent ATi Video Cards (you might want to check out ATi Tray Tools) although you seem to have nVidia although I suppose there should be something similar available.

you can use ATI tool (it works w/nvidia too :wink: ) to load the gpu and run orthos at the same time to load the cpu

also, I’m not a big fan of software voltage readings, so get yourself a digital multimeter, then you know you are getting accurate readings, and you can read volts during 3dmark too, you should be able to find one for ~$10 at a hardware store

Thanks I wasn’t aware that ATI tool worked with Nvidia cards. This is actually my first Nvidia card since the GeForce 2 GTS was the top card. Always been happy with ATI vid cards. I have a rather expensive Fluke multimeter at work so I will bring it home and check out the voltages under load.:slight_smile:

There will be losses, so the voltage will not be absolutely spot on between idle & load - 12.09 and 12.04 are both pretty much bang on in the allowable tolerances.

With a good quality PSU, just calculate and trust the rail loadings, and look for some overclocking tests with power readings, as an estimate of what the CPU uses.

Ok I finally got around to testing my PSU 12v. I started with an OC of 3420 and stock GPU speeds: Core bus 576 Mhz and Memory bus 900 Mhz x2. Ran 3D mark 2006 and monitored a 12v rail with my meter. No load 12.15V and through the Firefly portion it dropped to 12.09v (lowest). Then I raised the CPU OC to 3660 and the GPU to 630 Mhz core bus and Memory bus to 1072 Mhz x2 and ran the test again. Through the Firefly test it dropped to 12.06v so it looks like my PSU is up to the task. MBM5 says my 12v is 11.5v so I didn’t use it. Thanks for the help.:wink:
@DiiZzY You were right not enough Vcore was the problem.:wink: