Is this Prolific or Oxford?

I just want to confirm this. I hooked up my Bytecc enclosure (firewire/USB) and even though it was sold as Oxford 911, when I look at the icon in the system tray the properties show up as Prolific 3507. Is this then Prolific? This is kind of obvious, but I just want to be sure. Also, how would I determine the firmware of the Prolific chip. It says Version 1.00 but this makes no sense.


Did you open up the case? You would see PL-3507 on the chip. There would also be a number underneath it with either A, B or C at the end. B or C means that it can be upgraded with new firmware.

It has the Prolific chip and it is version C but the Prolific ROM Writer does not recognize that there is a device connected. I have tried both the Firewire connection as well as the USB. Any tricks? Looks like it is version 4244C.

Thanks for the response.

What version of ROMWriter do you have?

Go here,, you’ll have to click on download. Then, under the USB/1394 IDE Controll, choose the PL-3507 link. Choose the firmware category from the drop-down box. On the next page, it will have a few differnet ROMWriters and firmwares. You will need to download two of each most likely. You will first need to use ROMWrite 2.0.4 to change to firmware 092204, then use ROMWriter 2.2.1 to upgrade to 120904. You have to do this over USB…you cannot do it over firewire. It will not work, if I remember correctly.

There is also the Big External Enclosure thread in the main Recording Hardware Forum. I recommend checking it out…there is a lot of good info there, and more people to help with any problems.

Good luck!

Thanks for all your help. I finally got it to recognize USB.