Is this possible?

I would like to know if I can rip& encode an ENTIRE dvd movie to svcd format? I’m NOT concerned about how many cd-r’s this process will take. I would just like to to know if it is possible and what recommended programs to use.


A few problems, the audio of the DVD (AC3 etc) are not suported in SVCD and must be converted to 2ch STEREO, the 48khz can be retained however.

SVCD’s are difficult to include animated menus (if the DVD had one) and I only know of the Phillips SVCD Toolkit that can do them.

The normal approach to this for me would be to encode the main movie to SVCD as usual using DVD2SVCD (to the normal 2 or 3 CD’s) then encode the Extras individually (by setting the disk size proportinally to get an acceptable final bitrate) and depending on their size, burn 1, 2, 3, etc to a CDR.

Any trial version for that Philips SVCD toolkit I can download? Thanks for your help CM :smiley:

Shoey :cool:

I believe Phillips released it to the public the same as they did with their VCD Toolbox. Sorry I have no idea where to get it from, I’d start with google.