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I was just wondering if anyone out there has ever tried this b4 …
using CloneCD to copy a PS2 DVD game ??? i know that the A-04 does not support CloneCDs raw mode copying but i have heard that the NEW philips DVD-r does Mmmmmm so has anyone ?????.I wonder if it is possible to do if you get both a compatible Reader and Burner and i wonder what the results would be like ???.Is there a DVD reader ( preferably SCSI ) on the market that is good at reading ALL types of copy protection and is supported by clonecd ???.I have now paused for thought so im now gonna sit back and let yawl take the stage lets see what happens … Thanx to all who put there thoughts and experiences down here … THANX


nero will do the ps2 copy task :slight_smile:


I have tried Nero did not like it every time i tried to copy a PS2 DVD game i got read errors when reading from my Pioneer 104 … i have RecordNow Max v4.0 and Disc juggler v 4.01.980 Pro 2 in my PC now they both work excellent for PS2 the whole point of this thread was to ask wether anyone had tried to clone a DVD PS2 game ??.I`m trying to think ahead to when ALL the games will have copy protection just like the PSOne.I know that the 104 does not Read and Write in RAW mode but i have been told the NEW Philips DVD-r burner does so this would enable you to clone a DVD game if at all possible ( Software ).I also asked if there was a DVD reader ( Preferably SCSI ) that could read raw data this way you could start your copy and just walk away and let it do its thing.


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i have heard nothing of this raw read/write DVD-r ???

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i got read errors when reading from my Pioneer 104 … I`m trying to think ahead to when ALL the games will have copy protection just like the PS1
Pioneers, of any sort, don’t read subs for a start so they make impossible PS readers. So far the AOpen & Sony DVD Writers can read & write RAW-DAO.

raw dao on cd’s, you mean?

clonecd being used on DVD’s…is that what you are asking about? i was almost positive nero can read/write ps2 dvd games with no trouble.

There is no RAW mode for reading or writing DVDs. It simply doesn’t exist.

Pioneers read subchannels, but only RAW+16.

AFAIK DVDs don’t contain subchannel data. A program like CloneDVD would be completely senseless.

Philips does this DVD+RW crap, so I’m certain that they will not release any DVD-R writer.

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raw dao on cd’s, you mean?
Yep, I’m talkin’ CDs. The Pioneer DVD Writer on test will not read subs from a CD. I am not familiar with any Pioneer device that can read +16. I haven’t even tested any DVD stuff yet. Apart from the CSS, EFM+ and the sizes/compatibility issues, I know nothing about DVD but I’ll be learning it :wink:

Copying CSS protected movies is out of the question right now and so is any DVD with trick protection, if it exists. And the double sided fact also makes it ‘interesting’.