Is this possible?

Hi, ages ago i bought a 4GB lg usb stick thingy :o couldn’t figure out how to use it then but have been playing around tonight and have managed to get a avi movie file on it. Now what I’m wondering is can you play these movies onto a TV , we are thinking of getting a August DA11OBD 11" TV for the camper-van as the old road star uses 50 watt (no good when wild camping). so is it possible to play them straight from the usb stick, if not this TV is there one that could do it.



Hi Susan :slight_smile:

Some models of DVD player/recorder have support for USB sticks, and will play .avi movies from a memory stick (my Philips DVD recorder does).

Unfortunately, I’m not sure about plugging one into a TV. Reckon you could make room for a standalone DVD in the camper van if the TV option isn’t feasible?

EDIT: Scratch that - I just searched Google and came up with a few LCD TVs with USB support (I’m guessing they’d do small ones to fit in the camper van) - might be worth a search :slight_smile:

I have seen a few TVs with SD slots that will playback photos and AVIs if the TV supports DivX files. Almost any DVD players that supports DivX playback and has a USB port will play AVI files off a USB flash drive. My Pioneer DV400 player will even play AVIs from an SDHC memory card plugged into a card reader. I doubt I will buy many more USB drives because I can use the SDHC cards in cameras, cell phones etc. so I get more use from them than USB flash drives. You might want to look for a TV with and SD card reader and DivX playback capability.

It is possible to watch avi movies from a usb memory stick. I’m not sure this particular model can do so. I looked at the description at UK.

The older model shows that it has a usb port for external media:

Is there some place you can test one in person?

Here is the manufacturer’s site, with the manual for these players: