Is This Possible?



I have to high quality dvd burning drives and i was wondering if it was possible to copy retail dvd’s (dvd-9) to a backup dvd (dvd-5) on the fly (i.e. not ripping temporary files to hard drive first)

Normally either compression or editing of the dvd-9 is required first to get it to fit.

I use registered copies of cloneDVD 2 and AnyDVD.



Welcome to the forum Matt. Very possible but with some quality loss if you compress to a single layer dvd. I use dual layer disks for the newer big movies.


Thankyou for the welcome.

I am aware you can copy dvd9 to dvd5 but at the moment it takes about 30-35 minutes because it takes 20 minutes ripping temporary files to hard drive first.

With two drives it seems as though it should be possible to bypass the hard-drive and just copy from dvd to dvd and save those 20 minutes. I have achieved this with dvd5 to dvd5, but not dvd9 to dvd5 with editing or compression.

Any thoughts on this?


I use Roxio for this process. Tech name is recording “On The Fly”, as for me this will be prone to more errors and coasters. So I upload to HD first for its better quality too. Just my thought on this. :wink:


Could you explain how to burn “on the fly” from dvd-9 to dvd-5? Is it roxio easy media creator your using?


I am not sure what are you trying to accomplish by this.
To copy DVD9 to DVD5 you need compression = re encoding.
To burn DVD it require continuous data stream. If your buffer, for any reason, go empty, you have a coaster.


didnt really understand that.

Just want to copy a dvd-9 to dvd-5 in the fastest possible way basically


If you want to do a good job, it may be a good idea to remove parts you do not need first, otherwise the bit rate will be too low = lousy picture.


Probably the quickest is AnyDVD running and use DVD Shrink. Burn with ImgBurn and it’s done.


[QUOTE=mattzkn;2093852]Could you explain how to burn “on the fly” from dvd-9 to dvd-5? Is it roxio easy media creator your using?[/QUOTE]

I use Roxio 9 and 10.