Is this Possible?

My wife bought a DVD that she thought was a CD. It is a music video of Josh Groban. It won’t play in the car. Is there any way to copy the audio only, so that it will play in the car? :confused:

Yes this is possible. Here is a guide at cdfreaks for this process using DVDDecrypter and Nero:

You can download DVDDecrypter from
Look under DVD Ripping.

Here is another guide using Decrypter and the free trial of Goldwave: Use this one if you don’t have Nero.

And there are commercial programs dedicated to this if you want to buy something:

Excellent guide!
I use SUPER for the conversion from ac3 to wav because I have Nero 7.
I googled for an ac3 plug-in for Nero7 & was told Nero left it out of v7.:doh:
Is there a plug-in that will work in v7, or should I just stick with SUPER ?

Super is ok! I prefer BeLight…

That’s interesting. I tried converting an ac3 file in Nero 7 Ultra and was not successful. Plug-in seems to be necessary but not available. I’ve just about stopped using Nero and this is the sort thing that caused me to do so.

Chosenfew777, if Super is working for you, stick with it. I would probably use BeSweet plus BeLight to convert an .ac3 file to .wav, but whatever works.

That means the first guide is slightly out of date, and if you choose to use it, you’d have to convert the ac3 to wav separately.

Edit: dadgum young whippersnappers like t0nee1 beat me to the punch all the time around here. :slight_smile:

Hi Kerry56, frankly I can’t remember the last time I beat you or anyone else to the punch…
Enjoy the weekend,Cheers!..

Thanks to all who responded to my question about converting files. I have DVD Decrypter and I have Instant Copy. If using these two don’t work, I’ll give one of the other programs a try. Thanks again.:cool:

If it’s a music DVD you might check it for ‘PCM’ or uncompressed audio. If it has such a track, your conversion to CD audio will be even higher quality.