Is this possible?

I just got my LG GGW-H20L. I would rarely watch any high-def movies on it, but I had a question about altering my PC setup to best take advantage of those times when I would want to pop in a movie.

The PC where I have the GGW-H20L installed is an Intel P35 chipset with an NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTX video card. While this would be fine for watching HD content, since the GTX is not Purevideo HD capable, I would have to content with high CPU usage. But I really like how the GTX performs in games, and I would not want to downgrade to an 8800GTS 512. Nor can I afford to upgrade to a 9800GX2 or ATI 3870X2.

What I would like to know is if I can purchase an inexpensive Purevideo card (like an 8400GS) and put it in my motherboard’s 2nd PCI-Express slot and be able to take advantage of its HD video features but still use my 8800 for gaming.

Any help is appreciated.

I don’t think you can have two different type cards in the different PIC-E slots.

Have you played movies on it yet? What is your CPU usage?

[QUOTE=MegaDETH;2037956]I don’t think you can have two different type cards in the different PIC-E slots.

Have you played movies on it yet? What is your CPU usage?[/QUOTE]

I haven’t tried it yet but probably will do so today or tomorrow. My wife bought me Nero 8 Ultra + the BD/HD DVD plug-in as part of my birthday gift, so I would like to try and take advantage of it. :smiley:

My initial thought was that it wouldn’t be possible, and it’s not a huge deal. I have a Core2 Duo @ 3.2 GHz, and it’s not as if I’d be multitasking while watching a movie anyway. :wink:

I don’t think you will have problem playingback hidef disc with your current setup.

Which player software is used?

don’t worry, you will be fine.

only way the 8400GS would be used if it was primary video card, which also means your monitor would have to be hooked up to it. each time you would watch a movie you would have to switch from 8400 to 8800.

your system will do just fine.

BTW, yes you can install different video card in extra PCI-E slots, just can’t use two different cards together in SLI.

software doesn’t matter, but it might sound weird, i get better picture quality playing the ripped movie in WMP11 then playing it PowerDVD Ultra.

I’m sure software does matter because its about HD content. :wink:

Finally got everything set up. Software installed without a hitch. When I went to play a movie, though, I got the dreaded “your display cannot output this video” message. So, I’ve got a few shout-outs. One goes to the movie industry and the Congress of the United States of America for the DMCA, which is not allowing me to play movies that I legally purchased on my computer monitor over a DVI connection. The second goes to Acer for saying that your X191W mointor is “Certified for Windows Vista” but apparently that means the monitor will only display a picture and not actually play a movie. The third goes to Microsoft for placing such wonderful content playback “protections” into Vista.

Long story short, as I can’t afford to buy a new monitor at this point and after much re-jiggering, I got my monitor hooked up through a DVI->VGA connection, and the movies now play just fine. CPU usage for both Blu-ray and HD DVD is about 35-45%, and Nero Show Time seems to split the load evenly between the two cores of my Core2 Duo processor. Were I pegging 60-70% CPU usage, I’d seriously consider a move to a Purevideo HD-capable video card, but it’s just not necessary at this point.

PDVD or WinDVD is the better option.

[QUOTE=chef;2039113]PDVD or WinDVD is the better option.[/QUOTE]

Not in my case as I don’t particularly like either of those programs. PDVD didn’t give as good a picture, and WinDVD was unstable. But again, I’d be watching movies so rarely on my PC (as I have a PS3 and set-top HD DVD player) that it doesn’t matter a whole lot. Nero is working just fine for what I need.