Is this possible?

Hi All,
I want to burn an continuous audio file of 1 hour with nero and add track marks on the cd…how i do that without cut the file with an audio editor?to be more clear if i burn the file i will have ex: track 1(60 min) but actually i would like ex:track1 (5min) track2 (6) track3(4 min) …and so on…is that possible with nero or any other software?thanks!!

Perhaps you should create a CUE sheet refeering to the WAV fil and burn it with something that burns CUE sheets, e.g. Exact Audio Copy or ImgBurn.

It’s possible one of those programs may be helpful in creatig the CUE sheet also, but I’m not sure if they’ll work for a single WAV file, so you may have to write the CUE sheet by hand.

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You can do it with nero. Open nero->new compilation->audio cd then drag and drop your wave file into the new compilation then double click on the track and a audio track properties box will pop up, click the index,limits,splits tab. Now click at the points where you want the track point to be (roughly where) and click new index now under position you will see a new index added and if you double click on that new index you will be able to set it at the correct time you want. Once you have all the index points you want click ‘split at index positions’ a message will pop up just click ok, now click apply and another message will appear click ok. Now click ok in the bottom left to close the audio track properties box. Now the one audio track you had in the audio compilation will become how ever many tracks you made. Now under pause change them all from 00:02:00 to 00:00:00 except the very first one. Burn

I do this all of the time with HiFi WAV Splitter Joiner. I create one big wav file to then create a 5.1 Dolby surround sound track with Adobe Audition for DVD’s. I also split a big wav file into individual tracks to put on a cd. Simple Simon.