IS This normal?

when i burn a cd and the writing speed reach it’s max …the buffer will keep on changing…but most of the time is 98% to 95%,96%,97% ,…Is this normal?


Don’t worry about the buffer. As longs as it doesn’t run empty, there’s no problem.

If it would run empty, it wouldn’t be a problem either (unless you got a writer without Burnproof, or a similar technology), as the drive’d pause for a moment, fill the buffer and start burning again…

It should nt be a problem unless the buffer goes all the way down to nothing and then you might get a coaster.

In your burning application try to allocate some memory to it(i.e meaning if you have 256 make it a minimum of at least 32megs.)

I have 768mb in one machine and NEro is set for 80 megs, while I have clonecd set for 64megs. I understand the concern, but as stated as long as it does not empty your cd should be ok.

Unless your burner is really old (i.e. older than about 2001), you probably won’t get a coaster if the buffer empties. However, an empty buffer will slow down the burn, and it creates small imperfections in the disc. I have never heard of these imperfections causing any problems, though.