Is this normal?


I am a new user of AnyDVD and CloneDVD and I have been able to rip some DVDs with ease.

One of the DVDs that I would like to close makes AnyDVD work for so long and with unpredictable results…

Is this normal? I had a great experience with some DVDs and it all went so fast, but I do not know why this particular DVD takes so long. The surface of the disk seems to be in better shape than other DVDs, but yet it takes 24 hours just to detect the DVD.

Any ideas what might I need to do to correct this?

I am using the latest versions of the software duo.



No, that isn’t normal. AnyDVD will usually break encryption on dvds within a minute. I don’t use CloneDVD, so I don’t know the exact time it takes to rip or compress a movie.

Which movie is this? Perhaps it has been reported as a problem before now.

If this particular dvd has a scratch that extends too far along the line of the data (going round the disc), then it may give problems in reading the dvd. You might get it polished at a local rental shop if they offer that service. My regular rental store will polish out scratches for $4.

I am doing some testing with AnyDVD and have found that like most rippers the condistion of the source disc plays a big factor on the performace :iagree:

As Kerry pointed out you may want to clean the problematic disc.

Usually this only happens with a badly scratched disc.
I assume this is a commercial movie disc ?
Try this setting for this disc then set it back.
Video DVD/ Settings/AI Scanner/Disabled (old method, not recommended)
@SJ , This is like disabling PathPlayer in DVDFab.