Is this normal?

Just purchased a LH-20A1P. When burning a DVD and its writing the lead-in the drive is very loud like the DVD is spinning at full speed and while its writing its louder at the same speed than when reading. Is this normal?

Firmware is flashed to KL0M.


I have also attached a scan of my first burn on this drive. Is it any good?

My 20A1P is louder that any of my drives. If it burns good then i wouldn’t worry about it.

Your scan looks fine.

Don’t forget to back up your Eeprom!

Why do I need to backup my EEPROM?

Also, are there any firmware mods out there to improve drive performance?

I used to use Liggy’s firmwares on my NEC 2500A.

That is the first (1st) thing anyone should do when getting a new drive, why you ask
well then I’ll tell you. If something goes wrong with a flash or a Eeprom reset then you
can just restore the original Eeprom and not have a borked drive from a screwed up
Eeprom. :wink:

Eeprom on LO’s is different than NEC’s. It’s up to you.

There’s Fast Burn/Enhanced Over Speed (eb/eos) firmwares in LO forum along with Eeprom tool there. Also the Utility flasher is there. There are a lot of tools for LO drives.
Happy burning.

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I didn’t know NEC’s have a something like we (in case of Litey’s) call eeprom. :rolleyes:
We can never compare the design of Litey’s chipset (and PCB) to NEC’s because they are completely different.

Yeah, and NEC users just need one [I]tool[/I] and Herrie, Liggy or dee27’s firmware. :slight_smile:
Plenty is not always better. :smiley:

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That’s a good burn to be on dash media. Try some +R’s and you’ll be even happier. :wink:

You pickin’ on me again? :bigsmile:

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Me…? :bigsmile:

Just wait till NEC guys will get their hands on you. :smiley:

I was trying to compare apples and oranges again :rolleyes: :bigsmile: