Is this normal?

Hi all

I have nero on a computer with 2 WD SATA2 120GB hard disks on different sata controllers both configured to use sata2 transfer modes.
The dvd-r is using Ultra-DMA 2 (33) mode.
The first hard disk is the boot disk with Windows XP SP2.
The second hard disk has the page file.
Both disks are defragmented using PerfectDisk.

When I burn dvd images from the first hard disk everything works smoothly.
When I burn dvd images from the second hard disk, the computer slows down dramatically to the point that switching between two windows takes more that 10 seconds. The burning process takes much longer because the dvd-r has to wait for the hard disk to fill the buffer over and over again even with just nero running. The recording speed is at 8x. Normally it should be ok to burn at 8x and still be able to do other things with the computer.

I assume that it is a software problem since the transfer rates of a single large file between the two hard disks is fast (sustained speed 45-50MB/s).

More detail on my computer configuration:

3200 Athlon 64
512 DDR

It’s not such a big deal but I’m curious if others have come across the same problem. Does anyone think it’s the page file? Maybe I’m too low on RAM and nero is using the page file as a buffer.
Any help would be appreciated.

From what you’ve said, it definitely sounds like memory thrashing. Nero 7 is well known for using inordinate amounts of RAM (~280MB while burning a disc IIRC). You may have to use an older version of Nero ( or - has the same memory problems).

Where can I get version I am having a problem with a reinstall of Nero 6. It now says that it only works with the burner that it came with. I did change burners, but it likes the serial number that I have when I install. Kinda lost. Trying to make a slipstream of an XP install CD.


You are right. It does use large amounts of memory. Right now I’m burning another image and nero.exe is using 265MB of RAM and 296MB from the page file. I guess burning from the hard drive with the PF is too much for my computer. Thanks