Is this normal?

hi i have tyg01 media. i burnt over 100 of those blanks with an old pioneer dvd-106d… they turned out very bad. here is an example of a ‘decent’ burn:

these discs have trouble been read on one of our dvd players at home, shinco dvd-1500 (a chinese brand). so after wasting that many discs… i bought a new burner, the benq dw1640

here are two burns with the new benq burner:

these discs play fine on the aforementioned dvd player as it is the most picky out of the players we have at home.

i’m just concerned about the peaks… is this ok? or does the ‘broken’ burner contribute to this? it’s the only dvd player i have on the computer, besides the benq burner…


The Pioneer is completely unrelaible for scanning errors.

cool thanks for that, at least that is reassuring :slight_smile:

Yeah, use the BenQ for scanning. Use Nero CD/DVDspeed and select 8x speed. That way you can compare your scans to the ones over in the BenQ forum. :slight_smile: