Is this normal (Sony DVD+RW)

I’m not very into this but whats up, this DVD+RW should be only 4x.

If it is 4x media, it means that is the maximum speed you can burn it, but you can read it much faster.

That is not a good recording, far too many errors and a lousy reading curve (if you can call that a “curve” :rolleyes: )

PHILIPS 041 is max. 4x rated +RW media… :wink:

pinobot, I think you are doing a transfer rate test with DVDInfo on a disc only burned ~2.9GB.
Thats why you get errors (and “higher read speed”) on the not-burned part of disc.

Get rid of that bloated application and download latest CD-DVD Speed for your future testing.

Happy burning. :slight_smile:

I advice you to format it completely with nero! I bought the same media and it wasn’t a good one when I first burned it, but it went much better after I formatted it! I hope it is helpful!

(Excuse me for my bad english)