Is this normal? Slow performance from Sony 16x dvd rom drive

I just built myself a new pc and I bought a ‘novatech’ brand DVD rom drive to go it so that it would be easier to copy stuff from that to my (as yet not purchased) dual layer dvd writer.

It’s actually a Sony DDU 1615 16x DVD rom drive. This is the first dvd rom drive I’ve owned, and it seems very slow. My dad has a pc with a 16x DVD+R burner which can burn a disc in 5 minutes or so. Yet to copy the same data from the same disc onto my hard drive (and my hard drive is not slower, if anything it is faster) using my Sony DVD rom drive takes 11 minutes.

Is it normal for a 16x DVD rom drive to take 11 or 12 minutes to transfer the contents of a DVD+R or DVD-R to a (SATA 2, 7200 rpm, 16mb cache) hard drive? I notice the PC also seems to hang for a few seconds before it actually is able to open the disc from the dvd-rom drive.

It doesn’t make any sense to me that reading and copying should be half the speed of actually burning a disc.

it is normal for the copying of the disk to take 10-15 mins. This is because it has to read through the data. When burning a disk it takes half the time, as it isnt examining it, its just putting the data it already knows onto the disk. The PC “hangs” because it has to spin up the drive to be able to read from the disk.

It depends on many factors, like the drive itself, it’s firmware (support), hardware error correction, and most of all on the source media / (burn) quality.

Thanks, useful to know that’s what it’s supposed to be like and it’s not faulty. As to the discs, I’ve tried it with verbatim 16x DVD+Rs burned with my dad’s pc’s Sony (liteon) writer, and with 8x verbatim DVD-Rs.

When I said it hung I know it’s normal for it to take a while to recognise and open a disc, but it actually seemed to temporarily cut off all operations of the pc (like playing music), which I’m not used to.

I don’t know if this is right thread to ask, but does anyone know whether or not this Sony 1615 (which is actually some sort of rebadged liteon drive) has a ‘riplock’ on it to limit the speed at which DVD video can be read? It wasn’t video I was copying to the HD (in 11 minutes), but I’d still be interested to know, as I would like to use it for video ripping. If it does have a limit, could I use a firmware upgrade to remove it?

I see there is some firmware thing available to allow for the selection of read speeds on the drive or something.


did you verify that DMA mode is enabled?


Yes, ulta DMA mode is on. I discovered annoyingly that although the drive is advertised as having 16x dvd playback, it reads DVD roms at 16x, while it reads DVD-Rs/DVD+Rs at 8x. I downloaded a firmware thing that allows you set the read speed higher for DVD-Rs/DVD+Rs, and set it to 12x, and this has speeded it up minutely. But still, I wish I’d reseached this better as this drive seems way too slow in general.

everything can be read at 16X except DVD-R DL which can be read at 12x just flash it with patched FYS3 firmware

Only theoretically.