Is This Normal Lite-On 166S DVD-ROM Operation?

Hi, I just bought me a new Lite-On 166S drive a week ago and upgraded it to the latest DS14 firmware shortly after. I would like you 166S owners(actually JLMS XJ-HD166S)to tell me if your drive makes a slight grinding noise for about 2-3 secs when a new discs is inserted? It sounds like the laser is adjusting to the media to me. After that first 2-3 seconds it is very quiet even at DVD-ROM ripping speeds of 7-16X! Do all the Lite-On 16X drives do this on initilization, or do I have a bad drive?

Please don’t double post. Your question has been answered in the link.:Z

Well, I found out from a couple of members that it is the metal balls used in the hub ring to stabilize the discs at higher speeds. I am so glad to find out my BALLS are working fine if you know what I mean.

That’s probably something you want to keep to yourself then.