Is this normal for the Yamaha 3200?



After selling my old Yamaha 4416S a few months ago, I finally got a new burner, the Yamaha 3200EZ. When I received the drive it was defective, the tray won't open all the way... and after waiting two weeks I was sent a replacement. Of course this time part of the bezel was knocked loose so I had to pop it back on. Sigh, I don't recommend FedEx for anything sensitive.. I always notice some damage done to my packages.

ANYWAY, today I've been testing my burner to see if there's anything ELSE that could be wrong with it due to FedEx's negligence. I do this by burning a disc and seeing if everything's good using CDspeed's scandisk feature. I have burned a total of maybe 4 TDK (manufactured by Ritek) CD-RWs and 1 Mitsui Gold CD-R and although I can read the files and play the mp3s/videos, they all come up with the last block being unreadable in the scandisk test. I highly doubt it but, is this normal? Has anyone else had this problem? What does it mean and how do I go about fixing it? Did I receive ANOTHER bad drive?

Win2000 SP2
ASPI 4.71
Yamaha 3200EZ (firmware 1.0d)

I have done burn tests with TDK (manufactured by ritek; not sure what the discs are certified at) CD-RW on 10x and on 4x. Mitsui Gold (24x certified) CD-R on 16x. I don't have any other media to use.

I have only used CDRWIN 3.9A so far since this is all I have at the moment, I will be planning on testing with DiscJuggler later on.

Right now I'm guessing this to be maybe a bug in the software I'm using. I would like to hear what others may think is causing this problem and hopefully someone may have an answer to my problem.


Ok I have installed the latest DiscJuggler and have burned the same information (on TDK CDRW) as I have during my previous attempts. After checking the burn with CDspeed, it reports that the disc is 100% good! No more “last block is unreadable”! :smiley: I will now do another burn on my Mitsui Gold to see if I get the same good result. … I wish I had some less expensive discs to test with though. :frowning:

Update: 100% good disc on Mitsui Gold using DiscJuggler! :smiley: There’s got to be something wrong with the latest CDRWIN to be producing flawed CDs. :stuck_out_tongue: