Is this monitor any good?

This is the monitor im looking at buying…


i want a 19" LCD… and this seems like a great price… id be using it for a little gaming, dvds, but mostly for video & graphic editing altho nothing too extensive.

So, is this worth it? i know it doesnt have a DVI input… IMPORTANT? ive never used one before is there a big difference? what do i lose? also, the 16ms response time, is that good enough for games and editing? is there anything else i shouldnt like about this monitor? thanks for all the help…

I highly recommend that you google search for “monitor review”+lcd+19". That is not a very good monitor for the price. Right now you can get the dell 19" digital for only $279. And there are many better monitors…

why isnt this a good deal? i guess i didnt post the price… is it the price or specs? after rebates and a coupon i can get it for $220… still not worth it? i see you are running a kds!

My KDS is a 19" CRT, and I bought it for $39.00 after rebates 2yrs ago. I’m not saying the LCD you are looking at is bad. I just said to read some reviews before you consider the purchase. The digital monitors have a much better picture than the analog.

ok… thanks… i couldnt find any reviews online about it… should that worry me?

Hi :slight_smile:
What you need to look at are
Contrast Ratio the higher the better 700:1 is better than 450:1
Monitor Brightness 300 cd/m2 is better than 250 cd/m2
Response Time 8 ms is better than 16 ms
Also consider length of warranty.

The responce time could be a lot better i believe we are at 4ms or thereabouts now on some models…

Response time is somewhat important, however, Maximum PC Magazine still lists the Dell 2001FP as it’s kickass burner, even though it has 16ms response time, and was compared to faster monitors. So apparently, the speed isn’t everything. Plus, I own the Dell 2001fp, and I and my son have played all of the newest games on it and there is no lag, artifacting, ghosting, or anything no matter what game we play.