Is this memory any good?

I saw this on sale at Frys for only $20 after rebate. Is it worth it?

If pc2700 is the memory that you use, there is nothing wrong with PNY. I like to run the fastest memory available that is supported by my motherboard and bios. Check out the specs for your pc/motherboard, and see what is supported. If it supports pc3200, you would be much better off getting 512m of that.

In most cases PNY memory runs well, as long as you use it within the specifications! If you are not into overclocking, the memory will most probably work as it should. You could checkout the memory compatibility list of your mainboard, but if it isn’t there (and that’s quite likely), that doesn’t mean it can’t work. I’ve been using PNY memory for quite some time on a overclocked system (clocked CL3 memory on CL2 without a single problem).

where can i find out the memory compatibility list for my mainboard… its an Azza p4x4-alh… i know, i know… what the hell is that? noone seems to have heard of it… but i got it free from work… with a processor that was 3x the speed of my last computer… with the same memory speed used… i just swapped… thanks for the help…