Is this media real?

hey guys… im wondering if this is real of fake

look at this store in brazil,DQgj

it sells the sony media d11 printable 8x for R$2.20 each
its about USD0.80

this looks real for u? how can i be sure? is there a serial number to confirm or something?

Hmm well your link didn’t work for me but I haven’t heard of many fake SONYD11 discs on the market so they are probably not ‘fake’.
Keep in mind that both Lead Data and Daxon have the ability to produce discs with SONY MID codes, which is why you might find unbranded discs with this MID at low prices.

the link was didnt work because it was out of stock. its back now…
it says “Sony FABRICANTE” meaning: “manufactured by sony” but im not sure if that is really true
anyway, these lead data and daxon discs are good?

what about this taiyo yuden? its the same price{Xfh

Yes, the Lead Data/Daxon discs with a SONY MID are pretty good.

But I would prefer the Taiyo Yuden discs. :smiley:

im kinda afraid about those TY. this same guy used to sell TY braded as verbatim and yamaha. there are such branded TY? now he just says its TY.

Verbatim definitely uses Taiyo Yuden for some of their discs.
I don’t know about Yamaha though…

Verbatim “Pastel” are manufactured by TY, It’s the only way to get TY in a retail shop or in small quantity in Europe.