Is this media ok?

The local FutureShop is having a big sale on Maxell DVD + and - R media. Here’s the link to what I bought:


I see on the side of the case that it says that it was made in Taiwan. I have yet to open it. Is this ok quality media? When I do open it, how can I check if the media is of decent quality?

Thanks for any help.

It depends. They could be MXL, Ritek, or others. Need more information, such as speed (4x, 8x, etc), and serial number from hub.

Would it be a good idea to return them and pick up a pack that is labelled as manufactured in Japan?

They are 8x media. Sorry, I didn’t notice that for some reason the media that I linked to are 4x when the in store sale was on the 8x media.

What program can I use to check to see how well they work in my burner?

I’d recommend you to get some media like TY media(MIJ), for example. And what for a burner do you’ve?

I have a Lite-ON 451S writer. I have never seen any Taiyo Yuden media sold in stores around here. I don’t know of any online Canadian media retailers where I would be able to purchase some either.

Since you have a lite-on drive, you should be able to burn one of these, and run a kprobe scan and see what the quality of your burn is. If you have NERO, you should be able to see what the media code is, and/or use CDSPEED to run a quality test. I have some 4x memorex (haven’t bothered to check the media code), and they seem to burn fine for copying movies on my Pioneer A07xl drive.

Hmm. The sides of the discs are rather lumpy, only the bottom layer though. The writing around the ring for the first disc is C6-02CH3504129611D18 (around the clear part in the centre, right before the hole) and VR5CH3-00013 around the purple ring. The dye on the bottom is purple (does this even matter?). Here is what KProbe has to say:

Is Ritek media considered to be of good quality?


Ritek R03’s have been said by some to be decent medias-

Suggest that they may be good enough for burning movies and data storage-


some burners like it and people are getting good burns and some don’t like it that much, I have found with some of the older Lite-Ons it’s a hit and miss and some will give you a good burn and some don’t on Ritek RO3 the only way to find out is have a try and burn a few disks.

I know that my old lite-on 851s just loved the ritek r02 and r03 media. Some of my other burners don’t like it as well.

I’ve had one batch of RITEKR03 that burnt incredibly well (below 20 PIE), and one that did not (100 PIEs, occasional PIF spikes). Give em a burn and see how they fare!