Is this media good? Help



I just bought this media from Newegg,

Can someone tell me if this is the G media or good media to buy in general, or did I just get duped?

Thanks alot.

First post, hey all


Went through a 100 of these no problem. Burned at 12x on my BenQ DW1620.


Hey mogli…
Great media and X-CELLENT place to do business with.




Those should be G05’s and I have burned over 100 of them without any coasters-

What burner are you using - IF it is a NEC 3500 you should get outstanding results-



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Yo Mark-

You have PM-



Got it Brother:bigsmile:


I’d bet he was on vacation… Hey Mike :wink:


Hope he’s got a sunburnt BUTT!!!:bigsmile:



Thanks guys - just took a little time off to take an absolutely GREAT cruise to the Mexican Riviera for 8 great nights !!! Would go back in a New York second (Whatever That Means ??)