Is This Media Bad

I’ve been trying unsuccessfullly for a couple of weeks to burn a Verbatim DVD-R Hub Printable in Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0. So today I noticed that the media had a thin circular line about 1 mm around the middle. Does that mean it’s bad. Also, they were Made in Taiwan if the Taiwan ones are bad.

No, some of my discs have a tiny circular line before they’re burned. Then when burned, you have the lead-in which a bit bigger.

I’d scan in a before-and-after but I’m feeling a bit lazy.

Well, I’m kind of doubtful because a Memorex DVD+R burned fine (except for the fact Adobe PE3 doesn’t booktype it so I can’t play it in a DVD player?) Maybe Adobe PE3 is senstive about that kind of stuff.

Scan in before and after pictures if you can, that would help.

If it’s what I think it is, it’s fine. Only pics would confirm we’re talking about the same thing, though.

Unfortunately, my camera is lost. Are the lines you’re talking about from lead in?

These are the lines I’m talking about:

Before burning, a minute line near the inside of the disc.

After burning, a somewhat thicker band around the inside of the disc (the lead-in). Once burned, the minute line disappears.

Either way, according to previous posts of yours, burning fails in the middle, which wouldn’t be affected by anything near the beginning of the disc.

Edit: Make a burn on those Verbatim discs with another software. If it works, that disc and probably the rest of the pack are fine; if it doesn’t work with other software, there could be a problem.