Is this Maxell branded Ritek DVD-R any good?

Is this Maxell branded Ritek DVD-R any good or should i chunk it and buy some Taiyo Yuden DVD-R?

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc Type: : DVD-R
Book Type : DVD-R
Manufacturer: : Ritek
Write speeds: : 4 X - 6 X - 8 X
Blank Capacity : 4.38 GB
: 4489 MB
: 4707319808 bytes
Extended Information
Layers : 1
Usage : General
Copyright protection : n/a
Recorder information : recorded with _NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A
Disc Status : Open

Chunk it and get some TY’s. Why? Because they will burn better and last longer than the G05’s.

They do fine here (Pioneer 109 and Nec 3540A), but I’ve heard bad stories. My personal experience is good, though. Great burns and no sign of degradation (yet? :bigsmile: ). Only 2 25-discs spindles bought/burnt in june.

The problem is that Ritek, even under Maxell “control”, seems to be unable to produce with reasonable consistency, and there are so many alarming reports about G05 fast degradation on this forum (including some I wrote myself :wink: ) that I prefer not to recommend any G05, even the Maxell-branded ones. Traxdata seems to be the only brand that still offers “good” G05s. At least I haven’t seen Traxdata G05s bashed on this forum (yet? :bigsmile: ).

I cannot quite “chunk” the Riteks yet. I wish i actually could.

I have learned not to buy blanks because they are on sale!!!


I have heard a lot of people bad mouth the Riteks, And they may have problems.

I have burned over 150 DVD+R discs and have never had a single failure. This is over a 3 year period and as far as I know none of my copies have been bad, in fact I just viewed a movie that I copied 3 years ago. Most of these were recorded on a 2nd generation Phillips recorder. I have burned about 30 discs on my PC and never have a bad burn. All my Ritek media I bought online from

well if you bought them and are stuck with them good luck, g05 is by far riteks worse dye,

ritek is like genric grade media


I also burned a ton of Ritek G05’s and recommended them for a long time - then one day discovered that the last 12-13 in my latest 100 cakebox were giving me $hite burns - prescanned them and binned the lot - which I felt saved me money in the long run-

I personally know of others that burned a lot of G05’s just like me - that are now rerecording them to Taiyo Yudens-

The overall picture for the G05’s - and the Ritek line in general is not looking very good - and I can personally say that I will not buy any more - until they show a positive turn around-


If you ended up with a number of them that carry the Ricoh media ID then that would explain it as Ritek DVD+R with the Ricoh media codes are considered to be pretty good discs. I certainly wouldn’t be doing it with recent Ritek, especially if you live in the US. Compare the price difference between 8x TY DVD+R and 8x Ritek DVD+R. No where near worth the small price differential. If you don’t mind going with -R the 8x Ritek and 8x TY are about the same price. EDIT Yup, the difference in price between a 100 pack of 8x Ritek DVD+R and 8x TY DVD+R is a whopping $1. I don’t think there is a single experienced member on this site that would take 8x Ritek DVD+R over 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD+R for $1 difference per 100 pack. @the original post, go with The unbranded TYs from Very close in price to Ritek and far better for compatibility, durability and consistancy.

I went for some 4x memorex on sale in August, but they only had 8x at the same “deal”. Opened 1 case and found it was G05, and immediately returned the other 4 I had unopened. I just don’t want the risk of 12 months down the road, not being able to read them, which is what I’m hearing from a lot here. That’s what I did anyways, so I only have 1 G05 pack which I’ll be watching closely in about a years time.


I would fully expect the three year old Riteks to be terrific. I would expect the same from the two-year old Riteks, and also the 18 month-year-old Riteks.

The problems are more recent, and the discs that people are reporting problems with tend to be those released since last November and December, when Ritek supposedly made some major changes. This has been widely reported, and it even supposedly caused some of the brands to discontinue using their product. They began to release “sub-par” media with their name on it, with identical media codes, which caused their overall reputation to sour. The most problematic discs were the G05s, in the US, and also in Europe. Then, even some of the GO4s entered the market that came out of the suspect factories, and these turned out to be problematic. Then, some of the problem source factories were churning out every type of disc that Ritek made. Not ALLl of them were “lousy” by any means. There were still Grade A and Grade B discs during this entire period. However, the name Ritek – and especially the designation GO4 and GO5 – suddenly was no longer a “safe” bet. There were hundreds of reports of bad burns, and also hundreds of reports of early deterioration (often 3 to 6 months) on the GO5s released back in January and February and March and April of this year. And, that just on the forums that I frequent. One must assume that a lot of afflicted people never once visit these same forums, or any forum at all.

I have more than 400 GO4s that I feel very confidant of. I also have 50 GO5s that I am very nervous about, since two have proven bad despite the fact that they played fine back in February, when I burned them.

So, I have since switched to Taiyo Yudens.


:iagree: I concur! :iagree: Thanks man for having taken the time to write this long explanation, personally I’ve written more or less the same sooooo many times, I’ve become lazy about this Ritek issue now :bigsmile: :clap:


I agree 101%-

This is probably the best written disortation regarding the G05 problem history that I have read to date-

Thank you-


Thanks for the Responses,

I have decided to chunk these bad Maxell branded Ritek DVD-R’s!!! I am buying Taiyo Yuden branded DVD-R’s and CD-R’s from now on…


Then why do many reputable online stores sell those then ? I have brought this issue up with many retailers including and was told so far nobody complained or returned them.

As far as MAXELL, I would personally disagree - MAXELL gives a lifetime waranty on their media and I think they apply better quality control. Personally have yet to have any problems with MAXELL based Ritek. On the other hand, RiDisc, RIDATA, etc…that’s another story…