Is this illegal?


I know that you currently can’t burn games you dont legally own, but what if

you buy the game from a legitimate shop, copy it, then take it back, i mean you DID legally own it so you should be able to keep the backup?

Sorry if im wrong, i mean i need to do extensive testing on copy protections.

Thank you very much.

You are only allowed to have a backup if you own the original.
Hence, as soon as you no longer own the original, you cannot have the backup.

In case you sell the original, you are to either destroy all backups of give them to the buyer of the original.

Oh i see. So i guess thats a no no then.

But it is a little bit strict, i mean who would really destory their backups?

Im not incouraging it, im just proving a point.

Mate I don’t mean to flame you, but you can’t be seriously asking this question unless you’ve been drinking or abusing other unmentionable substances.

Most stores won’t take back opened boxes. Ironically, your eula says that if you don’t agree, you should do exactly that!

Hey, that is a good excuse!:slight_smile:

Stores will attempt to not take box opened boxes, but odds are it is illegal in your state for them to refuse. However you are likley to end up paying a lot more to your lawyer than the software is worth in order to actually get your money back. Good luck.

It is of course both illegal and immoral to do as the oigional poster suggested and keep a copy after you return it. It is moral (and likely legal, but that varies) to make and use a backup copy while you own the origional.

Ok, i was just wondering as i wanted to do some testing. No worries :D.