Is this GSA-4163B defective? (makes rattling noise)



I purchased two GSA-4163B units. When I shake the first one, it is silent. When I shake the second one, it makes rattling noises, like there is a part loose inside of it.

But I have just burned a DVD+Rw disc in the second drive using DVD decrypter and it works fine on other players.

I did a full erase in Nero CDSpeed and it worked fine.

Do you think the second unit is defective?


Hm, after testing the drive and shutting the machine down, there is no more rattling noise? Weird … :confused:


Perhaps it’s the case, not the drive. :wink:


I’m not sure which case you’re talking about, but I’m thinking that perhaps the drive wasn’t properly powered off at the factory, or maybe something was shaken from the ‘power down’ state during shipping, and then everything was repositioned properly when I powered it up and then powered it down again.


Your PC case is what I meant but after reading your initial post again, you meant “shaking” the drives, perhaps by your own hands, not the PC.

I don’t know exactly what they use to manufacture LG drives, but it seems most, if not all, optical drive and media manufacturers use outdated and inferior production techniques and equipment. I’m not sure how much such factors can affect product quality. At least from what I have seen with my own eyes, it didn’t look so good. Factories in Japan should have at least a little better quality control with high-end equipment and cleaner air, etc. Like many others including Ricoh, Pioneer, Philips, etc., LG has also moved most of their production sites to China in the recent years. Hitachi-made GSA-4163B looks a little different and they are made in Malaysia according to Koba who’s in Tokyo. But they seem to cost 2 times as much as LG-made GSA-4163B made in China. 2x as much and a little better quality control and a little better heat dissipation. :slight_smile: Matsushita’s Panasonic DVD-RAM writer drives must be a little better in my opinion in terms of production quality control, but they cost far more than LG DVD-RAM writer drives even when their features are inferior to LG.


Panasonic DVD-RAM have one big advantage over the LGs. They can use Cartridge type DVD-RAM which is a big plus. Also burn quality of DVD-RAM seems to be higher with Panasonic drives. The DVD-R and CD-R burns of the LGs are better than Panasonics.


I noticed SW-958* series drives do not accept cartridges while SW-957* series allow both cartdrige-type and bulk-type DVD-RAM media.

Any consumer drives that allow PIE/PIF/Jitter scanning for DVD-RAM media? Perhaps Plextor PX-716A can do it. Lite-On drives can’t read them.


PLEX drive cant read DVD-RAM only the 605 can which is a Matsushita-Kotobuki made drive. The only drives that do are Pioneer, LG,Toshiba and Panasonic. Not all drives by Panasonic can use DVD-RAM in Cartridges.


Maybe I was confused between Pioneer DVR-A08 and Plextor PX-716A.


Ah yes, I was referring to shaking the drive itself. (The GSA-4163B was never actually installed into the computer case. It just sat on this box of sushi-making implements while the IDE and power cable hung out the side of the PC.)

I orignally noticed the noise when I was first unpacking the drive from the bubble wrap. But all is good now. :cool:


Sushi-making <- sounds interesting (more than GSA-4163B’s rattling noise.) :slight_smile:


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I thought it was at least a few times more expensive in Japan.


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That’s great to know. :slight_smile:

In Busan, I think it’s Jagalchi market that is equivalent to the Tsukiji Fish market, but I guess there are a lot more fresh raw fish available in Tokyo than in Busan.

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what…raw fish for almost free…Kenshin that would be heaven for me too :bigsmile:


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