Is this good media?

This media will be burned @ 8X and 12X with BenQ DW1620pro.

Unless you need something cheaper (usually it’s not a good idea), it the “THE” media to go.

Any idea what the media code is on this?

The website lists it, YUDEN000T02. Well… if Rima doesn’t give us TY than what other company can we rely on? :slight_smile:


REAL good stuff - some of the best out there IMO-


Great illustration of the TY tub!

The “shoulderless” style - until somebody makes an exact copy of it, you see a tup like that on a shelf, with an unlipped base, you’re looking at TY.

Anyone know if this media with run 12X on my BenQ DW1620? Is this the same media code as the Fugi 8X DVD+R “made in Japan”?

It’s the same media code but you usually end up with better results on the TY straight from the manufacturer. No shortage of complaints about the poor handling on the Fuji media. (been through 3 packs of defective TYG02 Fujis myself).