Is this good? I know nothing about these graphs!

hi all

I burned a data dvd full of various ‘things’, and then tried the plextools pi/po test, and this was the result… PIE total was 22441, and it was a full dvd basically… a fujifilm +R yuden 002 was the disc, and my burner is the PX-716A

also what other tests should i take and post? i want to know if my drive is good or not!

you shouldve changed the scale to 50 or 20 so it can be easier to know but it looks generally good

Does PlexTools XL still not have an automatic scale setting? :smiley:

duckdown that scan looks perfect. The general “rules” are:

SUM8 scan: PIE should not exceed 280.
SUM1 scan: PIF should not exceed 4.

Sometimes you can see some minor spikes, especially when running the SUM1 scan, that exceed these limites but usually they are not a problem. For more information about PI/PO testing see the FAQ: What is PI/PO DVD scanning, and how do I use Plextools to do it?

Yes, it’s simply perfect. No need to change the scale, because there is nothing to see. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, I’ll see about doing another one, but thanks for the great info :smiley: