Is this 'future' CDR(W?)?



See a news of the YAMAHA Full CAV on the sky-rocket style, try read here


Lite-On 48X also use full-CAV. And since Yamaha uses only 44X Full CAV the Lite-On is faster. :wink:


I think tylau was pointing at the 24x REwrite speed, instead of the 44x write speed.


The new Liteon 48 24 48 should be in your friendly neighbourhood store very soon. Now those are figures to drool over :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


I’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade my trusty LTR16102C (overclocked to 2410B:)), and my wife has already given me the go-ahead. 48X, here I come (in July)


AFAIK, Liteon uses pure CLV on CDRW readings and that why it has very good RW disc compatibility, which at the current state of the art tops at about 12X CLV writings. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do need to take more care on using it :wink: