Is This For Real? RICOHJPNW11 DVD+Rw Sold as FujiFilm (Taiwan)

I was at Staples today and I picked up a pack of 5pc Fuji DVD+Rw 4X that came in jewel cases, packed in a cardboard box.

The box itself said Made in Taiwan (MIT.) The jewel cases inside the box also said MIT. But when I actually opened up the jewel case and looked at the disc, “Made in Japan” was clearly printed on it.

According to Plextools, these are RICOHJPNR01! (Edit: I mean W11, not R01.)

Is this too good to be true?


R01 is a +R code, not a +RW code. W01 and W11 are +RW codes.


According to Nero CD-DVD Speed, they are RICOHJPN W11.

Sorry for any confusion.

what did you expect? There are only a very small numbers of +RW 4x producers (3 imho)

Hi Hannes2k, who are the three manufacturers of +RW discs? I’m guessing Verbatim/Mitsubishi is one of them…?

Sony (S11), RicohJPN (W11), MCC (MKMA01/A02), pretty sure Optodisc and Prodisc and CMC as well.

…and Daxon, Infomedia, Moser Baer, Philips, Ritek, Sentinel.