Is this DVD-R DL still good?

I have just burnt a backup of a Video DVD on a DVD-R DL. After burning I made a few big scratches on the disc, because I dont have very much experience w/ Dual Layer disks.

I still can play the DVD, but I don’t think that I can searcht the whole movie to check if the DVD is still good.

So I made a scan w/ kprobe 2.5.2, which can be seen in the attachement.

The scatch seemed only to influence the first layer, which I believe ist the one which ist closer to the surface of the disc. But the program found 5 errors in a small section at about 30% of the first layer and also in this section the PIF is about as high as the PI at 93.

I think, that the bad overall results on the second layer are normal, because they are not influenced by the positions of the scratches.

Post a transfer rate test, that will give you the answer to you question

You should make a copy onto a Verbatim DVD+R DL media.

I don’t have any verbatim DVD+R DL Media.

Also I didnt use this drive for burning, because it doesnt even support DL disks. I used an internal drive of a Sony Vaio Laptop.

@molnart: I have made the speedtest. It looks normal except for the unrecovered read error at the layer board, which I think is a software problem of Nero CD DVD speed w/ my drive/driver (the version of Nero is and CD DVD speed has the version number 3.61). The speed is also normal, the drive is about 4 years old and never reads faster than 8x when using DVD±R media.

I have just made another test w/ the notebook drive (which reads DVD+R DL only 6x).

The result looks like the ones I founr w/ google four duoble layer disks, except the small kink in the middle.

But maybe this is because it is a slimline notebook drive. I haven’t found any results fpor drives of this kind.

Also I don’ think that the kink comes from a scratch, because I don’t have the big scratches so far on the outside.

Edit: I must correct my previsous posts: it is a +R media, not -R. But not verbatim, its ricoh.

I made a new test w/ kprobe at 4x, because somone in a different Forrum said I shopuld do this an the spike is really gone now, althought the average results are even worse then before.

I second that. :iagree:

The TRT isn’t terrible though, apart from that little kink in the middle as mentioned.

And if the movie plays fine, it’s probably OK for general use. Wouldn’t archive anything on it, though.

I don’t use DL media for archiving anyway, because its only much more expensicve and I don’t have any files which are bigger than 4.37GB (I have to keep all file sizes under 4GB because I use FAT32).

I finally had the time to buy my new dual layer burner for my desktop system (Samsung SH-203B, but in the BIOS, in Kprobe and in any bruning software it is called TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-203B, so I think it’s an OEM product).

I made a backup copy of a different DVD-Video. I first tested this copy w/ windiff (I first made an Image w/ CloneCD, than I burnt the DVD from this image and after this I mounted the Image as virtual Disk and compared the files w/ windiff). The result was, taht all files except one were identical. This one file was a .vob file, which was not very important, because it only contained the animations of the menus. Also I used my DVD-ROM-drive for windiff, because I want my DVd to work in any drive.

Because of this result in windiff I was worried about the quality of the disc and ran Kprobe2 (I ran it on the bruner, because on my old DVD-ROM-Drive Kprobe doesn’t work w/ ±R-DL media). First I ran it at 16x, but because some of the PIF values ware over the official maximum of 4, I ran it again at 2x, but the 2x results were only much better in PI, there was only a small diffrence in PIF. I can’t run Kprobe at 2x w/ my burner.

I now want to know, it my results are O.K., althought some PIF scores are over 4. But what is for sure is that they are much better than w/ the notebook drive.

Also this DVD can be played w/o any problems, but this is also true for the othe one.

Also I want to add, that Kprobe does not only work w/ LiteOn drives, but also w/ some other brands like Samsung, because they use the same chipset.

Congrats on your new purchase - all Samsung drives show as TSST (Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology), so I wouldn’t worry about that. :wink:

As you say you’re not archiving anything on it (i.e. intending to keep the data for a long time), and the disc plays fine, then I’d say it’s OK for that purpose.

FWIW though, I get way better scan results from Verbatim +R DLs. :slight_smile:

BTW, you should change the topic title to “DVD+R DL” or it easily could confuse some users…

Please can anyone help me.

I have two Lite-On HDD DVD recorders linked to one Sony TV. ( KV-28LS60U )
My problem is that each of the two remote controls gives the same command to both recorders.

Is there some simple way that I can control each recorder
seperately with each of the two remotes ??

I cannot edit the title of the topic anymore.

Now I made a test w/ the disc I tested firts, this time I used the new drive.

The results are a little better than w/ the old burner, but the PI scores are still far beyond the official maximum, but there ist not such a big difference between the first and the second layer anymore.

The main reason why I mention this is because someone in a different Forum said, that there is maybe something wrond w/ the scan. Maybe the reason for this is that my old desktop burner (which was used for the first tests) is from a time where there were no DL burneres/media available.

The first image is 2x, the second one 16x.

I now also made a speedtest w/ the first disc and the new desktop drive. Compared to the notebook dirve I have 3 smaller kinks instead of one. The kink in the middle should be normal for +R-DL from the images I have found in google.

I just read in a forum thread, that a possible reason for the still too high PIE values was that I burnt this disk before I activated DMA, because DMA didn’t work w/ my old SATA driver, it works now after a driver update. But I only burnt at 2.4x, because I had already seen, that the max. speed was about 3x in Nero CD DVD Speed.

What do you think about this?

The Sammy was a really good choice!!

DMA is automatically activated with SATA.

No, it was not activated at the beginning. I had to update the SATA driver to activate it.

PIO still works w/ SATA and because of some reason, the old driver used PIO instead of DMA.

That is because of the crap drivers then, normally DMA gets activated by default.

Now I have a result w/ DMA on the new desktop burner.

The test was made at 16x, but if the result is not good I will make another one at 2x.

From what I read there should only be small spikes over 4 for PIF, but does this still count as small spikes?