Is this DVD completley blank?



How can I tell if a DVD disc is a “virgin”? I hope I don’t offend anyone here :slight_smile:

I am having lots of problems trying to burn DVDs with DVDFab 5 Plat (registered version) using either ImgBurn and VSO engines. :frowning: This is the subject of another thread in the Fab5 forum.

I am ending up with a small pile of DVDs some of which I am unsure if anything has been burnt on them. Some I think, have had the LeadIn written on them.

My question is simple - well, to my mind it is.

What programme can I use to check if “anything” has been burnt onto a given DVD or CD?


One option.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Slowly now, what steps did you follow to get to that window?

I’m dammed if I can find it on ImgBurn :frowning:


For that one, I was about to burn an ISO image file, so when the Ez-ModePicker window came up as I launched ImgBurn, I clicked Write image file to disc.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I thought I had done something wrong.

A disc that I thought that I had already written came up with empty status.

As it turns out, I had ImgBurn in “Test Mode”, hence the blank disc :frowning:


You should be good to go then. There are good guides here.