Is this DVD broken or not?

My friend gave a DVD (DVD-R) to me with videos (sets of vob, bup, ifo files) on it, and I tried to play it on my PC (specs: AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400, 2gb ram, asus a8n-sli premium mobo, 160gb hitachi sata2 HDD, Windows XP PRO SP2) with a DVD-RW drive (NEC DVD-RW ND-3540A).

The first few files are fine until I hit one that seemed to be damaged. The player (WMP, Real, DivX, Nero…) just crashed and some gave me a reedability error. Later I confirmed that it was the dreaded CRC error.

I tried to play the disk on another comp’s DVD drive, but no avail. I’ve also used CRC recovery software, attempting to fix the bad sectors, still no use.

In frustration, I just popped the disk into a regular DVD drive that was connected to TV. To my uttermost shock, the DVD played PERFECTLY, as if there is no error at all! The part that caused readability problems on my PC did not affect the playback. FYI, the player was a Toshiba SD-3960.

I am now confused. Why was the disk able to play on a regular DVD player but not on PC? Maybe it was something to do with the optical drive? or the OS? Also, since the DVD is obviously not damanged (playable with a regular DVD player), is there any way to extract the video without hitting another CRC error?

It could be because the DVD player connected to your PC rteads at like 1 or 2x max the errors arent as serious. THe faster you read the disc the faster the errors appear. It could also be that the dvd player to your tv has better error handling features when reading scatched and damaged discs.

I have found that true also. But have your friend stay away from blank disks that have poor burn characteristics. Also a 4X burn will sometimes result in a better disk with cheap media. If your friiend has a buch of crappy media, I suggest you not burn a full disk and burn at 4X.
Update your FW if you haven’t yet.

i tried reading the disc slower, but it didn’t help
i also updated the fireware of my dvd drive, no help either

i’ve checked online that my NEC ND-3540A is a nice drive with good error correction. still it gives me an error when i attempt to play the disk. now i pop it into my laptop’s dvd drive, and surprisingly, it can read a slightly more better than my desktop’s dvd drive (but it still hangs at the end). therefore i wonder, maybe error correction isn’t the key?

i guess the best way to solve this is to try numerous pc dvd drives. some may be able to read it… what do you think?