Is this Drive a Lite-on?

ok I have a Verbatim 48X12X48X, this one is from an Office Max deal
I have a few Verbatim’s that were all Lite-on’s (a 24X and a few 32X’s)
This drive has no marking’s on it,no sticker that has a Lite-on #
just a sticker that says made in China, P/N 91.3AD37.025,S/N 24104871JE B1

Is this Drive a Lite-on???

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Is there any photo available @Office Max ?
Does it look like your older Verbatims ? I mean, the same front and stuff like that ?
If yes, then it’s definitely another LiteOn , 'cos "… old habbits die hard ", you know

Otherwise, for making it sure check the forum by searching for “Verbatim”

no,this drive looks different then all the other drives I have had that were Lite-on’s

I can email you photo’s the drive is in the box (cardboard not computer)


Yes. Check your PM.

Boy this is popping up alot. No, it’s an Aopen, I have one too. Check the PN on the drive and compare it to the PNs that Aopen has on their website for the CRW4850, pretty darn close.

Maybe with all these people getting this drive, we;ll figure out how to flash it with Aopen f/w.

I believe if you bought it online, it came LiteON. If you got it a B&M, then Aopen. Not 100% on this but that is what it seems like. You can’t get it online anymore, not listed on their site, I heard it’s backordered.

I got this online

here is the one that might help to find out

Oh sorry, kinda jumped the gun assuming you got it offline.

Anyway, that PN is exactly the same as mine, and the serial is similar. I’m pretty sure it’s Aopen, like I mentioned, go to Aopen’s site and look at the PN for the 4850.

And the shape of the drive door looks eerily the same as that article…

I still don’t know
I have been to Aopen

so is your drive any good,the Aopen has justlink and this drive has???
this is going into my buddy’s Rig and I don’t want to dick him over

The Verbatim box doesn’t exactly what buffer underrun technology it has, but since it’s an Aopen, it should have Justlink.

I mentioned in another post that it looks like OfficeMax is going to have the Cendyne 48x12x48 for the same price on Sunday.

I think this drive will be OK, I’ve read that people think Aopen stuff is OK. So if you don’t mind that you may not be able to upgrade the firmware or don’t want to return it…

There is a thread on the Cendyne forums and their tech. support says they are looking into the firmware issue. They support the Verbatim.

Thanks for the info
Aopen drives are ok I think that everyone loves the Lite-on’s because they are very good readers and do the sub chanel thingy
I bought this drive for two reasons
1)$19.94 after MIR & coupon
2) for resale in a Rig I’m building for somebody

so I will install it in my computer and see it works ok

(and I got 2 Mermorex’s lastweek from staples)