Is this DD0201 a piece of crap?

I have a I/O magic DD0201 4x DVD ±R RW drive I bought from circuit city about 16 months ago, It has always worked perfect, it was slow but it burns my backup DVD’s perfect , NOT 1 COASTER, ever ! out of 400 dvd’s, but I have had problems finding media it likes, I started out using maxwell -r yellow label , I had 300 of them and when they were gone , I bought some fuji 8x -r , the drive would say insert disk, and I just thought I bought some defects. went to circuit city and bought some liquid video 2x and they worked fine, now I cant find liquid video , so I bought some memorex 8x -r from walmart and the drive says insert disk, I have always used the original firmware 2.17 that came with it, and just upgraded it to 2.60 and it still wont work on these memorex or fuji’s . I just ordered a NEC ND-3520a and hopfully this will become my new burner with no problems, what can I do about this DD0201? I’ll try anything now and dont care if I kill this drive!

I upgraded this past month from the Optorite DD0201 I got almost 2 years ago to a NEC 3520A. The Optorite served me well, but I wanted faster than 4x DVD±R and 2.4x DVD±RW. The Optorite likes Ricoh and TY based 4x media, stay clear of other junk.

I have the Optorite dd0203 and memorex -/+ 4x has always worked good for me. Ben using it for over a year.

Yeah I used a lot of Memorex 4x DVD+R media that was Ricoh-type and it worked great with the Optorite, also Memorex and FujiFilm 2.4x Ricoh-type DVD+RW.