Is this crappy hardware?

These are two scans of two identical burns. Same ripped file, same hardware, media, same burn speed, same everything. Is this an example of poor hardware that can not burn consistently? What makes the qaulity so much different?
Taiyo Yuden 8x +R
Digimax (supposed rebadged Lite-On) 16X dual layer burner
Nero 6.6
Any help is appreciated.

^First burn is fine. Second one is weird… any media inconsistencies you can see on the second disk?

Ah yes. Thank you. I guess you mean just doing a visual check of media? I can see two small scratches at the very outside of the disc. I picked another blank that appears to look good. I will burn again with it and post results.
Also see the results using some old Ricoh 4x I have attached. I love this Ricoh, seems to always give me superiour burns.
Thanks for the feedback.

It’s a LiteOn 1635 AFAIK, at least the numbers match up. The drive is certainly not matched to the media, which is why you see variations.

2 possibilities:

  1. fake or damaged TY media
  2. Bad drive or bad firmware.

You could try flashing to the latest LiteOn firmware version. I assume you burn these at 8x, if not you should. Here’s one burned at 8x in my 1635:

Here is another scan. Horrible scan. This disc did look good visually.
Thanks for the info an the burner. I have not flashed so will need to find the latest firmware. I did burn at 8x. When I first got the T-Y I experimented, even though everything I read was that 8x worked best, and it has worked best for me.
Not sure if I can find the thread again, but I thought this media did have the correct numbers for T-Y on the discs. I bought at RIMA, which I understand has a good reputation. I will be buying more Ricoh, and hope it is as good as the old stuff I have left.
Any other ideas? I will try and find the LiteOn firmware this weekend.

Rima will take the media back and replace it if there’s any question about it’s quality. It’s certainly not faked media.

So flash to YS0W and you’ll have a 1635. You’ll likely need to do that with a .bin file and LTNFlash, if there’s any trouble with that, post in the LiteOn forum.

Also, I believe the standard with the 16x5 series is to scan at 8x. Maybe that will produce a nicer looking result?

Uh? How? 4X gives a crappy scan… 8X will give a better one? Don’t think so…

Sometimes, it does. Other times it’s the same.

Isn’t that only for the 1655 and above?

I was told the 8x standard is for BenQ drives.

Another possible reason for inconsistent burn could be what your computer is doing at the time.

I have been pretty carefull to at least not be running any other applications while burning.

My other burner is a NEC 2500A, and on the NEC website they state there is no need to update firmware other than for media compatability. Can anyone tell me what other advantages can be gained by flashing the LiteOn?


In this case, maybe you’ll get a burner that can write to TY media? If not, then you’ll know the firmware wasn’t the problem and you can ask Rima to replace the media. If a different batch of TY gives the same results, then you need a different burner.