Is this considered a coaster?



been trying out clonedvd, and seems to work just great…
i copied the movie “Basic” starring John Travolta and Smauel Jackson. Here is the problem…I did option 2 and picked to make it a iso. Then later I picked option 3 and burned the iso to a blank dvd. This dvd can play on my dvd player, but wont play on my pc. It loads up but gets stuck at one of the warnings before the movie and keeps repeating… mentions something about the material belongs to columbia and sony pictures. this warnig is after the Rated R message, and after the FBI warning…but movie never starts

I’ve tried other making other movies and they work fine by by choosing option 2 and picker DVD writer, the only difference was that for “Basic” I choose to make it an ISO becuase I didnt have no time. Is this the problem?

any suggestion?


If you’re backing up your DVD just read it again using case 1 and pick the main movie and soundtrack, subtitles if you need 'em.

Burn with case 3. I personally don’t see the point in backing up the whole disc.

Did you do any transcoding?