Is this compusa dvd drive - a benq 1640?

is this a benq 1640?


yes it is, see> MFG: 1640

Be very careful because COMPUSA is notorious to have wrong information on their website. A few months ago it was posted here that the link shown on COMPUSA’s website was wrong. It was a not a rebadged BENQ 1640. If you want the rebadged BENQ 1640 then get the NORWOOD MICRO 16x burner. On the box of that burner where the UPC CODE is it will say DW1640. Or if you wanna be sure then open up the box from the bottom and look at the sticker on the drive which should say DW1640.

give me the link to [COLOR=DarkGreen][COLOR=YellowGreen][COLOR=DarkOrchid]norwood micro 16x burner [/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]from compusa.

:rolleyes: This link will not tell you whether or not it is a rebadged BENQ 1640. You’ll have to physically go down to COMPUSA to look at the UPC CODE. Do a search in here and you’ll read about it.

look at the lastreview on the bottom.
it says it is an aopen drive.

As I said you’ll need to go down to COMPUSA to see for yourself! LmFao! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good grief, why not just order one online from Newegg or other e-tailers for around $40 or $50?