Is this common for TDK DVD-R (8x) media?

Hello and greetings from Greece !!

Its been a couple a months Im really into these forums and doing
serious reading in many aspects. The main reason is that I recently bought a new DVD burner (LG GSA-H20L) which I mainly use for backing up and archiving stuff. All this time I was into TDK DVD-Rs for burning everything but since being here and learning about media I decided to do some checks about media codes on my burned DVDs. Anyway what I want to say is that I bought a 25pk cake box 2 months ago of TDK 8x DVD-R and using DVD-Identifier proggie I found out that the Media Code says RITEK G05 !!!
Should I stick with TDK or shall I go along with the TY and Verbatim madness :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: ???

Older TDK disks i checked were TYG02 and TTG02. As much as I remember the TYG02 were in jewel case in pks of 5 (or 10)

All media are 8x

Thanks in advance

PS I know this is my virgin and noooob post but I thought I should post it here since its all about media

Welcome to CDF & your first post.

As I’m sure you’ve read there is serious concern as to the durability of burns made on the Ritek G05 media.
Originally it was a good dye but over the past few years these have a tendency to die.

I’ve found that the latest Ridisc Extreme version of these to be better & it way well be that your TDK ones will be OK as well. However, I tend to rescan my media to see if I’m having problems with durability & reburn if necessary so it’s not much of a risk for me.

For peace of mind I think the TY/Verbatim route is the safest one to take. There’s good reason why so many here continue to recommend this approach.

Yes thats why I made this post. I concluded from what others have said so far that RITEK G05 is totally crap media. I must admit also that Im not into scanning at all (yet). I read in here that you need a decent DVD-ROM or a specific burner to get good scans so that means I will have to buy another burner only for scanning. Well I think I will have to re-burn all this stuff burnt on these RITEK disks on another quality media. In the city I live I cant find TY media or Verbatim in some stores. They said to me (about Verbatim) that they dont get them because ppl wont buy them because of the price :eek: :eek: Can you imagine ?? Just a funny story to let you know…

thanks for your reply btw

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The ‘FJ’

@ TimC, by better, do you mean they don’t seem to degrade?

@ TheFJ, can you find any That’s! Media anywhere in shops near you?

Yes , so far they seem to be holding the burn OK. Could be they are just taking longer to degrade.

My Maxell-branded A03 coded G05’s aren’t really degrading either. They must have botched up a batch of dye or something :rolleyes:. I hope that TheFJ’s G05’s hold up reasonably well so he/she doesn’t lose anything.

Guys thanks a lot for your feedback !!!

Well I just bought a 25 pack cakebox of DVD+R disks - Verbatim DataLifePlus 16x with Advanced AZO+.I think Im in a better position now :cool: :cool:
Of course it says that they are MIT. All I have to do now is to re-burn all the stuff I put onto the G05.

I saw also MAXELL but didnt want to play russian rulette, and FUJI but I didnt go for FUJI cause they were MIT (the good ones are MIJ as I read here) and they were only at 8x speed.

@ Kev: No I havent spotted any Thats! media…actually I remember this kind of brand was everywhere in the UK like 5 yrs ago cause I got lots of CDRs on Thats! bought in the UK…didnt know that they are top for DVDRs as well

thanks guys and keep on the great work

the ‘FJ’

You’re guaranteed excellent discs with the Verb MIT discs. Good luck - and I’d copy everything off your G05’s ASAP.

These’ll be MCC004 media I guess/hope. Generally most burners do these best at 12x rather than 16x, although the difference between the results is unlikely to be very significant.

[B]That’s[/B] media is Taiyo Yuden’s own brand, and should be the best. It’s always MIJ and their DVDs are also very good (especially the 8x media).
If you can shop online, look at, or

YES your absolutely right!!! got TY media…thanks for the tip kg_ . I will get some
first thing next week

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