Is this CD-R media so bad or the problem of 716A?



The CD-R was wrote at 32X with PlexTools Professional 2.20.
My 716A is TLA#0203 with FW 1.04u upgraded.
Not only the C2, but also the CU errors occur.
What happen?
Or the media is really so bad?


I think Plasmon’s CD-R media is not high quality(I have several cdr with same media code. Some of them are good, but usually not).
Try to use high quality CD-R media (ex. Taiyo Yuden, Mitsubishi(Verbatim) and etc)


The same media written at 16X C1C2 scan:
No CU this time, but C2 is still present.
I hope it’s really the quality of the media rather then my burner.
Cause I could easier get better quality media than burner.


Plasmon is crap, the last I had couldn’t be burned further than 55 Minutes because then massive CU errors appeared on my Premium as well as on my 716A. I’m sure your burner is fine, just feed it with better media like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim Data Life Plus or Mitsui.


try using media from the list that is on the website… Taiyo Yuden, Fujifilm Ricoh
TDK or maxell that will work…