Is this CD-R media bad?

I have some old Verbatim CD-Rs made in China. I still have about half a stack left, but mostly I just burn DVDs these days, so I haven’t used these in a while.

I got a new laptop recently that has a LG BU20N Blu-Ray burner. I’ve heard people say notebook burners are not very good, but I’ve gotten really good disc quality tests with that burner and TY DVD-R media.

Yesterday I tried using the laptop’s BU20N burner to burn a test CD-R. The results were really bad, as you can see here:

Then I burned a test CD-R on my desktop’s AD-7200A and the results were good.

So I needed to burn a ISO file onto a CD-R, so I used ImgBurn and the AD-7200A at 24X. During the verify, ImgBurn gave me a “Failed to Read Sectors 0 - 31 - Reason: No Seek Complete” warning. I ran a Nero disc quality test and it looked fine, as you can see here:

I checked the ImgBurn forum and a couple people got the exact same warning I did, and the ImgBurn author seemed to think it’s a media issue. I tried burning the ISO 3 times in the AD-7200A (twice at 24X and once at 16x), and each time I got that warning message in ImgBurn, and each time the Nero disc quality test was fine. The TRT also looked fine.

You think the media is OK to use, or could the laptop BU20N drive’s really bad disc quality results be telling me something that the desktop AD-7200A isn’t?

Is ImgBurn set to cycle the tray (eject & insert the disc) before verify on the computer with the AD-7200A?

If you manually verify the discs written by the 7200A in ImgBurn again, does the error still pop up? (using either drive to verify)

Yes the AD-7200A does cycle the tray before the verify. The warning message is still displayed when I manually verify the disc in ImgBurn.

I’m not going to say you should ignore the warning, but unless you can try a different type of CD-R, I would say you could ignore it. I’ve got a quirky AD-7201S that sometimes doesn’t want to read a CD which it itself has just written – but the disc turns out to be fine.

As for burning with the slim LG drive, does it offer ANY speed slower than 24x?

I can buy some different media. What’s a good CD-R brand nowadays (or is TY the only choice)? I know Verbatim DVD media isn’t good anymore, not sure about their CD-R media.

The LG laptop drive offers 24X and 16X (got bad results on both), as well as 10X I believe (didn’t try that one).

EDIT: Maybe I’ll just burn the ISO file onto a DVD-R. I assume it is OK to burn a CD bootable ISO file onto a DVD-R.

For a simple data disc, it’s probably okay to burn the ISO to a DVD instead of a CD.

But I would also assume the CDs written by the Optiarc would work.