Is this CD going to die?

Should I be worried about this cd failing in the future, eventhough there are no errors in the filetest?


should be ok but i would advise you only to keep cd’s you burn that have no c2 errors, if that disc was made in another burner then you cant really make a good comparison because it should really only be tested in the drive it was made in. ignore the unreadable at the end a common bug all my cd’s do it infact every cd ive ever scanned has done it

first, your cd is already unreadable, at least at 0.1%, which would lead into ugly artefacts at some point for vids or non-readable parts for data-discs.

my summary would be… get rid of this one, its of no use anymore.

really? never had those with mine and i dont think its a bug… this one is taken its last breath or stopped breathing already.
oh, and i dont mind spikes either, but take a look at the total of c2 errors… 569 total, 68 max.

yes its a bug, both my 52246s and my 851s do this even with pressed discs, only on the scandisk though with any other tests this anomalie does not appear, that disc is fine aside from the c2’s which will probably cause a problem in about 6-24 months but thats a very rough guess.

Just looked up on google and it seems this unreadable sector is because there is no data there to read caused by burnign in TAO mode ‘track at once’ if you burn in ‘DAO’ mode disc at once mode it is not there, so its not actually a problem because there is no data there, and i was wrong its only on my cdr discs not on pressed, i always just use nero express never alter any burning options except for speed and to close the disc.


why do you use nero cd/dvd speed at all? there’s a tool out there from plextor called plextools, you can/shall use it to scan anyway.

@Mr Brownstone

look at the ‘scandisc’, there’s only one spot unreadable and a few damaged. it’s definately sth. wrong here. caused by the high c2’s if you ask me. but it would be interesting to actually see the scan-graph in detail.

ive got a few discs from other people that scan just like that and ive been using them for over 2 years, they will degrade faster but as for the unreadable sector there is no proof to say this is a problem, most of my discs have no c1 spikes above 25 and an average of under 4, no c2 errors, all the files are completely fine, im still sure its something to do with the way the session is closed, ill post a few scans and stuff on this thread soon, its interesting and id like somebody to shed more light on the phenomenon, to the origional poster, try some different media i had alot of Imation cmc media do just that, now i use philips 52x and they are brilliant, tried TY crap in both my drives

Heres some scans of some random DivX film
all scanned at 52x infact i locked the drive to run at 52x

As you can see the bad sector, load of rubbish if you ask me